About  the Group 

The Peninsula Craft Group aims to bring together a collective of like-minded craftspeople/artisans who create and craft unusual and unique items of an extremely high standard.

Membership is peer reviewed to maintain high standards and ensure diversity, depth and innovation within the group.

Membership is focused in and around the Shotley peninsula to maintain and support local craftspeople. It is felt that it is important to ensure the group is a true reflection of talent within the local geographic area.

We also aim to foster, support and encourage new talent and crafts within the group.

We aim to have at least one major Exhibition plus sales event, with additional smaller sales, events and demonstrations within the area each year, within and out with our geographic area.

In addition we try to add diversity and novelty to the group’s crafts and events and are always open to new crafts, ideas, locations, and formats – so the group evolves and maintains a fresh modern outlook.